About Us

So who is Heavens Hemp?

Heavens Hemp is run by Kevin Burrows after taking over the Company in September 2021.  The company was started by Neil in early 2018 who has stayed on with the Company as our expert technician and new product designer. Neil has gained all his knowledge from using CBD himself whilst recovering from a broken back.  Originally stocking products from other companies in his local shop he soon realised that although he actually loved the CBD, the quality and consistency of products varied significantly.  Not happy with what he was providing his customers he researched over several months CBD, full spectrum oil and other ingredients determined to produce products that would be consistent and of the highest quality.  This was followed by developing manufacturing techniques that have eventually allowed us to produce and manufacture products of the highest quality.

For full disclosure Kevin is part of the Family being Neil’s Uncle. Neil approached Kevin earlier this year to gain help with the running of the Company to allow him to concentrate on the side of the Company that he loves. Kevin has a very successful background in business gaining the Queens Award for export at his last very successful Family run Company. Between the both of them they are confident that they can grow the business, and develop a number of retail and wholesale customers, whilst still remaining committed to selling direct to the consumers too.

The business is now split with Neil running production,Samantha Kevins daughter has joined the team to assist with all sides of the business, Kevin and the Office team manages finance, export sales, and B2B sales, along with compliance on packaging and EU cosmetic regulations.

We continue to work with local business agencies and trading standards to ensure full compliance.  All materials are purchased from reputable UK companies, and all products have THC test reports before we will use them.

Thank you for taking time to read our story, and we hope you will stay with us for the journey…


Why buy from us?

 We manufacture all our own products

  • UK based
  • All ingredients are sourced from reputable UK suppliers.
  • We only use lab tested full spectrum oil and CBD
  • We Keep our costs low and pass the savings onto you!
  • No products are tested on animals
  • Where possible we only use packaging that can be recycled.
  • We offer a full money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with any of our products.
  • We offer full support after purchase, just contact us!



Will I get high from your products?

Let’s do the easy question first.  No you cannot get high from any over the counter hemp product on sale in the UK.  The legal limit for any hemp product is far below the level required for a “high”.

Where are your products made?

All Heavens Hemp branded products are made by us in the UK, using ingredients from UK companies.  Our suppliers provide us with analysis certificates where necessary, and we hold these on file.

What can I use your products for?

We have a broad spectrum of people using our products, some with chronic pain, anxiety or suffering side effects of other medical treatment.  Unfortunately because this is a new product in the health supplement market there are very few scientific papers on the benefit of CBD.  As a result we are not allowed to recommend it for any condition.  However there are several excellent websites are articles on the internet.  We recommend the following:-

Why is it so expensive?

The most important thing is that you trust your supplier of CBD products.  Be very wary of cheap products.  Consider that online you will pay approx. £20-£30 for 1000mg of CBD isolate, however some companies are offering a finished product with 3000mg for under £20.  This is just impossible if the supplier is using high grade ingredients.

We buy all our ingredients from UK specialists.  We demand that these companies have a quality control system in place and are open and transparent with their testing.  Because we manufacture all our products we know exactly what goes into them, and are confident that we provide a very high quality product at a very competitive price.